SKILLSFEST 3.0 is coming along!

September 19 & 20, 2018

Appleton, WI

Our Vision:

To inspire local activity in a way that achieves sustainable (Social, Economic, Environmental) scalable outcomes so that everyone we engage with unleashes their creativity and capability towards their own sustainable aspirations.


What is our purpose?

Bring together a compact group to develop initial consensus by (1) sharing models on skill acquisition and linking these models to develop problem solving skills, and (2) determining next steps for 3-5 communities that will apply this problem solving skill on their own relevant community challenge.Leadership with education


What are our goals?

  • Create “container” for free sharing and expression of knowledge developing skills with a focus on problem solving
  • Bring disparate groups together (continuous improvement, talent, org learning, brain studies, music, sports) to learn how skill acquisition, coaching, and leadership models may converge
  • Utilize global knowledge in local geographical contexts
  • Have communities commit to prototyping whole system change efforts using flexible adaptable problem solving

The kernels of Skillsfest began with some questions:

  • Most communities just happen; they are neither intentional nor purposeful.  How can we create sustainable local community?
  • What if communities could achieve sustainable (social, economic, environmental) local outcomes by working on eliminating their thorniest, most complex problems?
  • How could we build community capability and capacity to tackle these problems?


It starts with a premise….

  • We can build flexible, adaptable, structured problem solving capabilities in communities and apply this capability to complex, thorny community problems.


So how do we build flexible, adaptable, structured problem solving skill? 

  • Skillsfest will convene leading experts in models of how skill is acquired (continuous improvement, organizational learning, education, apprentice, sports, brain science) so that we may converge upon a set of characteristics needed to apply flexible adaptable structured problem solving skill into thorny problems.
  • Skillsfest will also convene a cross-sector of enclaves or communities that are interested in applying problem solving skill to their own community challenges.


The Fox Cities POINT initiative is a case in point:

  • Since the Great Recession of 2008, The Fox Cities in Wisconsin have seen economic growth but despite several efforts and resources, it had not seen the needle move on poverty within the area. By applying flexible, adaptable, and structured problem solving to this whole system problem, The Fox Cities are now exploring how local continuous improvement resources from businesses can assist non-profits in creating sustainable change on the poverty issue.


We welcome you to take this journey with us and help to be the deliberate sustainable local community change that we collectively desire.  We are a purely grass-roots effort that wants to learn through action.

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